follow me Here are some fun and totally random links I thought you might enjoy: 152 Insights Into My Soul – Unlike a lot of writers who write about writing, I blog about whatever comes into my mind. Usually I'm sort of entertaining, and if you're into hot guys, you might want to check out my "Tiger Beat Crush of the Week" posts, in which I talk about my many pretend boyfriends. Trust me, I have really good taste. The name of the blog comes from my favorite line in my favorite movie, You've Got Mail, which leads me to…   The Official You've Got Mail site – Yes, it's still active, and yes, it's my reason for existing (okay, well, maybe the fourth reason after my husband, my family, and chips and salsa). I'm pretty sure that my viewings of this movie have to be reaching the millennium mark. And yet, every time it's on TV, I watch again. And again. And again… Grammar Girl – My go-to site for all things grammar-related, because even though I'm a pretty darn good writer, I can't diagram a sentence to save my life.  IMDb - The Internet Movie Database – Casting Central for my fictional universe, and the best resource for movie info I've ever found. TV Line – My favorite TV gossip site. Lots of good info, and awesome spoilers (says the girl who reads the last page of a book before the first page). The New York Post – The Enquirer of New York City newspapers. Definitely not objective news reporting, but a whole lot of fun. Central Park Photos – Because it's pretty. Street Advisor – This is a fun way to look up neighborhoods in several large cities. Sexy Older Men – Because they're pretty. Although I do take issue with the term "older men" since some are younger than me. But still…pretty. Forgotten Detroit – Sad in many ways, but a great look at some of the former gems of my hometown. Links Copyright © 2012 Linda Fletcher all rights reserved | email