follow me The Real Deal (Contemporary romance) New York City CPA Kelly Reid and hotshot realtor-to-the-rich Dan Esposito just got married—but hold the congratulations, because it's a marriage of convenience, not love. You see, Kelly was desperate to keep her family's business afloat, while Dan was determined to fulfill his ailing mother's dearest wish, to see him married and settled down. Clearly, a (business) match made in heaven.   But when it turns out their families don't need their help, Kelly and Dan find themselves stuck in a marriage of inconvenience—for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with the legalities.   Reasons like Dan's troubled sixteen-year-old son, who's moved in with Dan and Kelly and is actually responding well to his new stepmother. Or Dan's mother, whose zest for life has returned along with the "Grandbabies!" gleam in her eye. Or Kelly's family, who are thrilled Kelly's finally found someone to banish the shadow of her unhappy first marriage.   Even Kelly and Dan have their own private reasons to stay married—not that they'd admit it, of course. With Kelly's help, Dan has rediscovered a part of himself he believed was lost forever. And Kelly's new stepson Ryan (not to mention Ryan's father) is re-awakening the immense capacity for love she buried deep in the wake of a tragedy she's terrified will repeat itself.   Sure, family can make things inconvenient. But family also makes things right. Will Kelly and Dan figure that out before it's too late? Always (Women’s fiction – co-authored with Shelley Beyer) When Rendie Miller marries New York City police officer Jake Nielsen she gains not only a wonderful husband and a happy, loving marriage, but the one thing she's longed for above all else: a family. And Rendie’s grateful she has the support of the Nielsens, a several- generation NYPD family, as she navigates the bewildering and often frustrating life of the law enforcement spouse. When the unthinkable happens and Jake is killed in the line of duty, Rendie's first instinct is to deal with things the way she dealt with everything before she met Jake: alone. However, two years as part of the close-knit Nielsen family has shown Rendie that alone doesn't cut it anymore. Supported by the people she's come to love the most—especially her brother-in-law and good friend, NYPD detective Mike Nielsen—Rendie somehow finds the strength to navigate the often-bumpy road back to life and love.   But Rendie and Mike's longtime friendship is tested when she discovers he's been in love with her from the start. Mike's guilt over loving his brother's wife sends him back into the arms of his former fiancée, while Rendie's own reluctance to let go of the past threatens her chance to find happiness with the only man who's truly been able to bring her heart back to life.   As Rendie and Mike quickly discover, some family ties aren't so easily broken. Works in Progress Copyright © 2012 Linda Fletcher all rights reserved | email